1Comprehensive Logistics Service for Dangerous Cargo
    1.1  For dangerous cargoes, more convenient and efficient services will be provided by dozens of modern container trucks and trucks carrying bulk goods of various tonnages with permission transport certifications of dangerous goods.
    We have years of experience in handling dangerous goods of category 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9.
    1.2  A series of related services of dangerous good packing, customs clearance, declaration, quarantine inspection, transportation, insurance and so on.
    1.3  Storage Service of Dangerous Goods
    1.4  Logistics Project Consultation of Dangerous Goods
2TANK-like Container Service for ChemicalsOur company has more than 400 gas and liquid tanks, and the following services can be provided by our professional tank team
    2.1  Tank Container Rental Service
    2.2  Round-trip Tank Transportation Service with Specialized Containers
    2.3  Distribution and Storage of Goods Imported in Tanks
    2.4  Tank Hosting Service
3Warehouse Goods Consolidation and Storage
    Our company has a storage with 12000 m2 in Zhapu bonded area, Jiaxing.